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The house was ordered built in 1947 and completed in 1949 by the then governor of the province of Osorno osorno Don Arnoldo Scholz in the sector Pilauco was the northern entrance to the city.The architect hired Don Carlos Buschmann was one of 10 national awards for architectural and park of 7.4 hectares hired landscaper world famous Don Oscar Prager, who managed to masterfully merge native trees like coigues, arrallanes etc with exotic such as chestnut oak, Australian acacia trees etc and lots of flowers and after that all year there are flowers and leaves different colors and shapes, especially magnolias, flowering cherries etc..The property also has a pool with goldfish and a pond with rainbow trout on the side of Estero Pilauco which is the northern boundary of the city.The robustness of the construction is such that in 1960 in osorno the strongest earthquake in the history of mankind, southern Chile, Osorno, Valdivia and Puerto Montt were devastated, was recorded this construction nothing happened thanks to the quality design and construction, we invite it to enjoy the beauty of our park which is currently in its fullness and feel the safety of the construction that successfully resisted a great earthquake.Inside the hotel is a cafe concesionada Buschmann Tippman served by the family descendants of German settlers immigrants.They prepare delicious kuchen and cakes with recipes from the old confectioner, capturing the flavors of yesteryear, making the preparation of the most exquisite German onces.In the same property is located on Route Grill owned by Monica Paez and Coco Pacheco one of the most famous chef in the country restaurant, there will enjoy the richer meats and sabran because Osorno is considered the homeland of meat and milk from the country.